Sunday, September 29, 2013


Outfit: Slave To Machine

Combichrist Slave to Machine diy sleeveless t-shirt, decree grunge studded spiked shorts, black leggings, Etnies black skate shoes, black beanie - goth industrial rocker style fashion alt alternative model Raivyn dKSummer isn't dead yet- I was a little warm with this hat today, especially in the sun. But it is a beautiful day and this weather should be enjoyed while we still have it.

Today I grabbed a few random items from my closet and threw them on without much thought. I wore this outfit to Subway, Walgreens, and to the two spots in these photos. (Now I'm in my home studio, preparing to get back to work on the Breaking Pandora EP.) This is a casual, comfy, everyday outfit that could be worn for a number of occasions.

I love layering clothes- it creates depth, adds character, and encourages you to experiment. How many different ways can you wear the clothes you already have in your closet?

shirt - DIY Combichrist tee
shorts - Decree
leggings - unknown
beanie - unknown
sneakers - Etnies

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