Sunday, June 1, 2014


Outfit: Summer Hike + Starting June Out Right

What I'm wearing: 
tank top - unknown | shorts - Old Navy 
belt - Lowlife | bandana - Jagermeister | shoes - Sketchers  

photos taken with HTC One [for Boost Mobile

The new tattoo is still a bit painful today, but healing quickly. There wasn't much shade on today's hike, and it's a cloudless day, so I made sure to cover it with my hand when the sun was most intense. I used sunblock, but new tattoos feel much like sunburns, and you definitely want to avoid direct sun exposure. 

What a great way to start out the new month - new body art, exercise, and a 'diet'. And by 'diet', I'm not exactly trying to lose weight, but rather, eat healthy [well, more than usual] and aim for more [lean] muscle definition. My body is important to me. 

As a 'Fibro Warrior', exercise is extremely important, to keep the muscles active and work out the knots. I'm always super stiff in the mornings [to where it's difficult to get out of bed] and the only way to relieve that is to get out and walk. It may hurt like hell at first, but feels so much better later. I've found the best way to deal is to just 'walk it off', even if it takes a couple hours. Usually that means a long hike for me, and Gary is the perfect hiking buddy. 

I'm definitely looking forward to what June has to offer.. Summertime is the best! <3 


  1. Out of curiosity, what about your diet are you changing up? Mayhaps I just gave you a topic for a new blog post, haha.

  2. Less 'bad' carbs [but keeping the good ones], and less snack food, not that I eat much of that stuff as it is... Not a bad idea at all, my friend- diet post.. ;)


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