To contact me, please fill out the form below.

I am available to review various items and/or model clothing, accessories, and beauty products. Please be sure to contact me before sending anything by mail. (Brand/item services listed below contact form. Not limited to just these- we can work out other ideas and deals, too.)

I am also looking to network with other alternative style bloggers, so you may also contact me with requests for events, other collaboratives, link exchanges, etc.

You may NOT contact me if you are:
1) a spammer
2) a hater
3) trying to sell me something
4) going to tell me something explicit regarding your/my sexuality
5) going to push your personal, religious or otherwise, beliefs on me


Types of brand/item partnerships/services offered:
1) product reviews
2) contests/giveaways
3) photos
4) banner ad placement
5) event hosting
6) [your idea here]
**Prices are negotiable, so email me with an offer!

1 comment:

  1. Hello:
    Great video!!! On a zero to ten, your video IS a ten.
    On a zero to ten, your clothes are a ten too. And
    on a zero to ten YOU are a TEN ALSO! I am not kidding---
    nice job, from a nice girl. Keep your videos coming and please tell me
    your website addresses, if you have any more, and any other info
    you want to pass along. I think you are fantastic! I thank you most kindly, John


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