Brief Bio:

I'm Raivyn dK, an industrial musician/producer, paranormal investigator, amateur photographer, and vegetarian. This is a daily "show and tell" documenting my style, and perhaps my closet will inspire you to come up with some great outfits yourself. There are no limits.

Why I Started This Blog:

For as long as I can remember, I have always viewed clothing and makeup as a visual art, a sort of character creation. (I have been a performance artist since the age of 3.)

I love to experiment with different styles, colors, and accessories. I have never really been one to follow the latest trends- I just go with what feels right to me at the moment. There are no set rules, only ideas, visions. I'm not an overly flashy person, more tomboyish than anything, but I still like to have fun.

People are always asking me about the way I look and the things I wear, so I finally decided to start a blog to show off my personal style and tell people about where I shop, as well as the incredible deals I find.

But it's not all about material possessions- I have a lot to say about true beauty (i.e. being a good person, individuality and positive self image) and challenging the trends that society deems ideal and 'beautiful'.

About Advertising:

This blog does contain advertisements, and I do write paid reviews. However, I only accept offers I am truly interested in. This is a personal style blog, not a webzine showcasing the latest trends. My individuality is very important to me.

In regard to product review/feature requests, I do require compensation (which is negotiable). Advertisers, you can contact me here with your inquiries. [Please take note that your product may be featured in not just one review post, but rather, several posts- outfits, makeup, etc.]

I also place affiliate links in some of my posts, more specifically, those featuring products I have bought myself.

And I am a member of websites like Influenster and BzzAgent, which supply me with products in exchange for reviews. [If you're a blogger and are interested in doing the same, please contact me for invites.]

Social Media:

I am a social media addict, and very rarely do I ever go anywhere without bringing the internet with me. I love the real-time thing. Add me, let's chat!

Model Mayhem

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