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Frugal Life: How To Save Pt 1 - The Basics

A lot of people don't know this about me, but I am super frugal. I find deals every single day of the week and spend half, if not less, than the average person. By saving on the necessities, I can afford other things. Like clothes and makeup and cool new music equipment.

Being frugal isn't just about buying on sale, there is so much more involved, so much more money to be saved. Here are the basics (with photos of today's ads as examples):

#1 - First you need to change your way of thinking.

  • You can't be a brand snob. There is no shame in saving money, so get off your high horse already. You're shopping for deals, not a name, so open yourself to change and try new products. You may just find something you love. 
  • Frugality isn't about finding deals every now and then, it's about finding deals all the time. You need to make the conscious decision to save money on everything you possibly can. A dollar off this item, a dollar off that item... it all adds up at the end of the day. 
  • It's not as complicated as it seems sometimes. If you can do basic math, you can do this. Don't be discouraged by all the numbers. 

#2 - Know the weekly sales. 

Check out store flyers at the start of every week to spot the sales. This is how you'll plan your meals for the week, where/when to stock up on other supplies, etc. Be sure to take note of product size in relation to sale price. This is the first thing I do every Sunday morning. 

Tip: If you don't have a rewards card for your local grocers and drugstores, you're missing out! Take the extra minute to register so you can get the best prices possible. 

Tip: I like to snap photos of specific items with my phone to keep my ideas fresh later in the week when deciding what to eat. Visuals help me remember the deals. Find a method that helps you stay on top of the latest sales- we all think differently, so my technique may not work for you. 

Some vegetarian/vegan products aren't exactly cheap, so I try to stock up when I can. 

Tip: Take advantage of giveaways and other special offers. If you look for them, you'll realize there is a lot of free stuff just waiting to be given away. 

#3 - Clip coupons. 

If you don't already get the Sunday paper, consider buying it and/or collecting the inserts from someone who does. The more coupons you get, the more money you can save. (Simple concept, no?) 

You can find all sorts of cool coupons in these inserts to use in your daily life. Clip and organize them so they're ready when you need them. I stash mine in a wallet sized accordion-style file folder. Some couponers are more excessive, hauling huge binders with them... I don't deem that necessary, but then again, I'm not shopping for an army. 

You can also find printable coupons online, request free samples (companies usually send coupons too), download coupon apps to your phone, etc. 

Tip: Some states get higher value coupons that others don't. Do your research, and if you have friends or family in those states, see if they can send you some. For the more serious saver, there are coupon swapping groups online that could help you get those better deals! 

#4 - Mix coupons with sales. 

Find the best sales and use your coupons. Typically, you can only use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item. 

Tip: Know what you're going to buy before you go to the store. I can't stress this enough. This way you can calculate exactly what you're going to spend before you do it, and will be less prone to buying whatever looks good to you at the time. 

Tip: Some stores double your coupons! Be knowledgeable about store sales and coupon policies to get the best savings. And always check the employee as he/she is ringing up your items, as there is always room for error- pay attention to avoid mishaps. 

#5 - Track your savings. 

You should consider recording your purchases and savings so over time, you can predict sale trends and the best times to buy specific items. You can learn a lot by keeping track of your numbers, whether it be digital or in a notebook. 

Do you have any frugal shopping tips to share? Where do you find the best deals? 


  1. Before I purchase most things, I always search this site to see if there have been any posts regarding the item(s) I am looking to purchase. The good thing about using sites like this, checking flyers, etc. is the price awareness you develop. It becomes easier to get good prices on things when you have a general feel for prices in general.

    1. And of course I forgot the link to the site...


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