Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Busted Tees - 5 Of My Faves

I love Busted Tees!
Just $20 each, they are totally affordable, and there is at least one for everybody.

Here are five of my favorites:

control freak busted tees

Control Freak

The power is in your hands.

Can you name which systems they belong to? How many have you played?

i bill murray bill murray busted teesI Bill Murray Bill Murray

Unlike that time he crashed your karaoke party, everyone will believe you about this.

This t-shirt makes me giggle...

i'd hit that busted tees
I'd Hit That

Any Donkey is a pinata, if you like donkey meat enough.

 This shirt could make just about anyone smile. Bonus points if you wear it to a birthday party.

blow me busted tees
Blow Me

Because "blow me and then put another cartridge on top of me once I'm in the NES" wouldn't fit.

Remember the days of cartridges? Much more durable than CDs, but now a thing of the past. I've blown my share. LOL

chingy's contribution to english grammar busted teesThere & Their & They're & Thurr

Chingy's contribution to English grammar gets the credit it desurrrvs.

I can't help but laugh.

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