Monday, September 1, 2014


Easyriders Rodeo 2014 - Chillicothe, OH

Wow, what a week! 

I went with to the Easyriders Rodeo in Chillicothe, OH with Electric Zombie Tattoo. 

Our booth setup was pretty fucking awesome, if you ask me. 

I saw several friends [like Tom Storm- he took photos of me last year] whom I haven't seen in forever it seems. 

The weather was hot and humid. I remember it being 95 degrees or something like that. And I was 'tenting it'. At least most of my days were spent in the air conditioned arts building. 

I made new friends too, like Steve, who tattooed "fearless" on my right forearm on the last night. [No pictures yet, will have to do that soon.] 

I love meeting new people who are fun, and I must say we probably partied a little too much. LOL But it was so worth it! I'm used to late nights. 

I also met other cool people, like Garey Faulkner [@misledcincinnati on Instagram], who you'd probably know best for being on that Whisker Wars show. 

I also got a shirt from the Ridin' Dirty guys. Sweet! 

So it's been a very eventful and fun week, and I'm stoked to have spent my time with so many awesome people. Definitely hoping to do it again next year! 

More photos coming soon.. There were photographers everywhere. 


  1. Great pictures.Looks like it went well.

  2. You've had to deal with a lot of late, so I think the partying was probably much needed. Glad to hear you had fun, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the pictures.

  3. You have to really make an effort to not have fun at Chilli.


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