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16 Simple Ways To Get More Page Views

For those who make money with their blogs, more page views are important for a couple of reasons:
a) more page views means more ad views, and
b) it means people are staying on your blog longer.

Here are a few ways to increase page views on your blog, most of which can be implemented quickly and easily.

**Note: This article is about getting more page views with the web traffic you already have, as opposed to finding more visitors from other sources. [more blogging tips]

1) Make your blog easy to follow.

Be sure your subscription and social profile links are obvious, and encourage your readers to follow you. If they get a notification every time you post something new, it's more likely they'll revisit your blog.

2) Post often.

When you update frequently and regularly, you give people a reason to come back for more!

3) Create "pillar content".

"Pillar content" is the stuff that people keep coming back to, the posts that people read the most- those super-informative and/or inspirational 'everything you need to know about a particular topic' articles. These are the articles that people want to share with others. Write a lot of that stuff.

4) Interlink your posts.

Link to other posts you've written when you can- it encourages visitors to read more!

5) Install a related posts widget on your blog.

There are all sorts of 'related posts' widgets out there for a number of different blog platforms. Displaying a list of your other posts is, in my experience, the most effective way to get people to read more.

6) Display your best, or most popular, posts.

Having a list of your most popular articles in your sidebar is a good way to show off your most engaging content.

7) Tag/label your posts.

Organize your posts into categories, and keep them both obvious and relevant. Use keywords. You want to make specific topics easy to find.

8) Write a series.

Create a series of articles to encourage readers to come back for more, and click between them.

9) Use excerpts.

Display excerpts on your home page to encourage readers to click through to the individual post pages.

10) Install a search bar.

Put a search bar on your blog to allow readers to search for, and click through to, what you've written about a specific topic.

11) Start a mailing list.

Aside from your regular content, you may want to consider starting a mailing list to provide a little something extra that your more avid readers will want, and you can remind them to visit your blog.

12) Split your longer posts up into multiple pages.

This is a common trait of news websites/blogs- splitting up longer posts into multiple pages. The more pages, the more clicks (and page views) required to finish reading the post.

13) Encourage comments.

Make sure your comment form is embedded into the post pages themselves, not a pop-up, etc, and encourage comments! The more your readers (and you) talk, the more page views.

14) Headlines are important!

What you title your posts is a huge factor in whether or not readers will click through for more. Grab their attention with intriguing headlines.

15) Make navigation easy.

Are your page links, categories, etc. clear and easy to find? Make navigation simple so readers can find their way around.

16) Improve page load time.

The more quickly your blog loads, the more likely visitors will stay and click around for more. If they have to wait a while for a bajillion widgets and other crap to load before they can read anything, they'll be less inclined to stay.

That's 16... Can you think of more?

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