Thursday, January 30, 2014


17 Things To Do When You're Feeling Under The Weather

Today I feel like total crap- sick as a dog! I'll spare you the gruesome details.

There is an upside to being sick though- you get to pamper yourself! Here are some things you can do to make being sick suck less..

  1. If you can stomach a cup of tea, have some. 
  2. Take a shower. I always feel much better afterward. 
  3. Watch a movie that makes you laugh (if you don't have 'the spins', that is). A favorite of mine is Grandma's Boy. 
  4. Blog! (Again, only if staring at the screen doesn't make you queasy.) 
  5. Read that book you've been meaning to finish. 
  6. Get a foot massage! Either find someone willing to do it, or if you're like me and hate having your feet touched, do it yourself. 
  7. Sweat it out! Cover up with a blanket and wear a scarf. It may be uncomfortable, but you'll get better quicker! 
  8. Paint your nails! 
  9. Burn an aromatherapy candle or heat essential oils. 
  10. Rub on some lavender body lotion. So relaxing! 
  11. Take a nap. You need your rest. 
  12. Take a short walk. Weather pending, of course. I have a hard time staying stuck inside, and have to make sure to go out and get a little fresh air. Relax and take your time, don't push yourself too hard! 
  13. Take this time to learn stuff. Expand your mind! 
  14. Do a crossword puzzle, or sudoku, or word search, etc. 
  15. Play video games. I love my PSVita. 
  16. Drink some Gatorade- electrolytes are important. Or make Gatorade popsicles! 
  17. BE LAZY! 

What do you do when you're not feeling so hot? 

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