Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Outfit: Hello, Tree + Fricken Broccoli Sandwiches

This commercial inspired this photo- "Hello, tree." 

What I'm wearing:
halter top - Posh | shorts - Decree
sneakers - Etnies | sunglasses - Steve Madden

Today was another perfect day for hiking and a cookout, so that's what happened.

Gary gets a little excited about cooking out. LOL 
Video recorded with HTC One [for Boost Mobile]. 

I built the fire and he cooked the food. I can't cook worth a shit.

Gary put fricken [fake chicken] and a broccoli and peppers mix into a Mediterranean-Italian marinade before we left, and grilled in aluminum foil. We didn't have rolls at home, so we picked up a package of hotdog buns at a convenience store before hiking up the mountain. It was fantastic, nonetheless.

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