Sunday, July 27, 2014


What Is "Perfect", Anyway?

Every day I see people [women, especially] comparing themselves to other bloggers, models, celebrities, etc. I see countless comments on my friends' photos saying, "perfection", "gorgeous", "so jelly".... Too many of them spend countless hours looking at photos of other people living out their fabulous lives, and wishing their own were better. 

And I can't, for the life of me, understand why they spend so much time and energy living vicariously through 'perfect' people they [probably] don't even know, instead of creating their own version of 'fabulous'... 

What is "perfect", anyway? 

fuck perfect

"Perfect" is merely an idea, a vision, and a false one at that. It's a badge that people pin to others they deem 'better' than themselves, for whatever reason- beauty, lifestyle, etc. It's an excuse for them to think poorly of themselves, and not strive for more, for happiness. 

What they don't realize [even if they say they do] is that "perfection" is impossible. There is no "perfect". Nobody is perfect, no one has a perfect life, and no one can ever achieve perfection in anything they do. It's all in their heads. 

Fuck "perfect"!  

"Perfection" is a lie we tell ourselves to [subconsciously] make us feel like shit, and keep us from striving to reach our full potential. So let's just throw that word right in the trash. Erase it from your vocabulary. 

And if you find yourself dwelling on how fabulous someone else's life is, and feeling shitty about your own, turn off your computer and go do something! 

Our lives are what we make of them- no more, no less. And they're just that- ours. 

Who cares what our famous internet 'friends' are doing at any given moment? They don't dictate your life, so why are you giving their images [of all things] that kind of power over you? You're only making excuses not to do anything with yourself. 

You CAN have the kind of life you've always dreamt of, but only if you stop limiting yourself with negative thinking. 

We have to learn to love and believe in ourselves before all else. So what if our lives suck right now? With positive thinking and positive action, we can completely turn it around. 

If you stop dwelling on how "perfect" everything is for others, and putting yourself down, and instead, focus on all the good things in our lives [great weather, good mood, awesome food, whatever..], things WILL start getting better. Positive thinking leads to positive action, followed by positive reaction from the world.... 

[Some of my financially poorest years led me to become rich in mind and spirit.]

<3 Change your mind, change your life. <3 



  1. wow cool
    thanks for refection:)

  2. Yes,"character",and self esteem are all that really matter.


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