Friday, August 23, 2013


Introducing: FUCK FASHION

Sex, Drugs, & Unicorns
Over the next month or so, I will writing posts for a series I'd like to call FUCK FASHION.

As the title suggests, FUCK FASHION challenges social norms and society's idea of 'beauty' and being 'stylish'. Beauty and fashion are merely a matter of opinion, nothing else. It is from these opinions that trends form, and people follow like sheep. Often these opinions are inspired by a number of subcultures- goths, punks, surfers, nerds, etc.

This is why I say, "FUCK FASHION!" If you are going to be a gorgeous, unique, and inspiring individual, you need to not worry about public opinion. You need to do/wear what you want to do/wear, and not give a shit what anybody thinks about you. And you may face a lot of criticism. But it's a growing opportunity - sticks and stones, people - that will make you  into a much more amazing person.

All FF posts will be labeled with the tag FUCK FASHION, so check it out, bookmark it, whatever. I'd love to know your thoughts and opinions on the posts in this series, so please take a moment to comment and/or share them with your friends.

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