Thursday, September 19, 2013


Makeup: Winged Eye #2

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Like Winged Eye #1, this is one of the least dramatic winged eye looks I'll show you here, and perhaps even less time consuming than the first. It is also probably the eye makeup technique I use the most right now.

Note: These photos have not been edited other than cropping and resizing for this post. I have not edited out my imperfections because 1) this is who I am, and 2) I want to 'keep it real'.

What I used

How I did it
First, I used the medium, matte shade to cover my entire top lids, lined the bottom, and extended out toward my temples. Then I applied the dark shimmer shade to the outer corners. After that I brushed the light shimmer on my brow bones and along the bottom lids, beneath the darker shades. And to top it off, I applied a coat of mascara. No liner necessary- this is a softer look. 

Application time
Less than 5 minutes. 

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