Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Outfit: Fuxleep and Fishnets

Raivyn dK - Thunder Roads Ohio - Easyriders Rodeo 2013 - tattoos tattooed pierced piercings alt industrial goth metal models - blonde mohawk - fuxleep unicorn fuckers middle finger, decree - style, fuck fashion, inspiration, black and grey tattoo sleeve, medusa, raven - scene queen goth tattoo modelThe Chillicothe Easyrider Rodeo was a blast! I met a bunch of cool new people, worked long hours during the day, and partied with my friends at night.

I wore this outfit Saturday - the photos were taken in my tent, the tattoo building, and down in the pit at night. Fun times!

tshirt - Fuxleep
shorts - thrifted
fishnets - Hot Topic
socks - Hot Topic
sneakers - Converse
sunglasses - Steve Madden

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