Sunday, October 6, 2013


Frugal Life - A Bargain And A Free Sample

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Today I went shopping for more MicroSmooth face powder at Sephora (I ran out the other day, and my makeup just hasn't been the same!), and traded in some of my points to try the Murad Oil-Control Mattifier. 

I'm excited to try this moisturizer. I have oily problem skin and it's so hard to find the right products to keep me matte and natural looking. I've heard good things about this stuff, and you can expect me to test and review it here soon. 

At Sephora, I Bought
Murad Oil-Control Mattifier = free sample 

Total After Tax

I know, I know, a lot of you frugal people are probably cussing me out because I bought a $22 face powder. But I think it's good to splurge on the items you can't live without. I have yet to find a better powder for my skin type, so I deem it necessary. Plus, I'm getting a free sample, too. 

Then I did a little shopping at Burlington, in which I hovered in the shoe department for about 20 minutes looking for boots, which I did not find a pair I liked that fit. Then I browsed the clothing racks a little and found an outfit to try on. 

outfit of the day ootd shopping trip hazelnut blue spice jeans
I don't like the sweater, but the skinny jeans are GREAT!

Cute, but I wasn't digging the sweater. It looked good on me and was very soft, but I didn't like the way it squeezed my hips and biceps. I don't like feeling restrained in areas that are supposed to move. 

But the pants were great, and I love the hazelnut color and fancy button and grommets. 

Blue Spice hazelnut skinny jeans
Crotch shot! LOL Seriously though, I love the button.

At Burlington, I Bought
Blue Spice skinny jeans = $10.98 (reg price $30) 

Total After Tax

All that for less than $40. I feel accomplished, and a little proud of myself. 

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