Friday, December 6, 2013


Regarding Advertising Policies

I think some people may be a little confused about my advertising policies, as I'm still getting TONS of emails asking me to review a product the brand wants me to buy out of pocket, as well as from one disgruntled hatemonger.

These are the services I offer: 
- reviews (in exchange for product, or credit to buy said product)
- paid/sponsored posts
- display ads

Regarding affiliate links: 
I share affiliate links every now and then when I post about products I own. These products are things I have purchased myself, and I love them.

Regarding text links: 
I do not sell text links on this blog. I don't feel comfortable giving away my search engine mojo to a potentially low quality website in exchange for monetary compensation. If I like what you offer, I will feature your product. Please do not ask for text links.

It is important to me to maintain a certain level of transparency with my readers. I don't like lies, and I won't lie to you. You can consider me more brutally honest than anything.

I have reviewed many products here, all of which I love and want to share with others. I consider myself lucky to be given so many opportunities this soon, and I have come to know and love many brands already.

I delete all emails that ask for a review without compensation. I do not wish to be rude, but time is money; such is life.

Bloggers- do you have an advertising policy? Tell me about it!

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