Thursday, January 23, 2014


Awesome Must-Have: YY.Fashion by Yuliya Babich Black V-neck Dress

I love this YY.Fashion by Yuliya Babich black v-neck dress!

Currently ON SALE - 50% OFF!
$136.99 $68.50

Impressive dress with decolletage. Model with a claw; decolletage front and back; creased sleeves with long cuffs; bat type cut; front shorter than back. Made of high-quality fabrics; fabric is pleasant for body.

Natural knitwear: viscose 95%, elastane 5%.

Viscose is material obtained of natural compounds, mainly cellulose. It has great hygiene and antiseptic abilities. The fabric is similar to silk, wool and cotton because of natural composition. It's perfect for spring and warm summer. Good air permeability.

Preservation: hand washing or in a washing machine at 30 degrees; or water and dry cleaning.

Sleeve length: 62 cm; back length: 90 cm; front length: 82 cm.

YULIYA BABICH is a representative of young generation of designers and well known in Europe fashion designer of Ukrainian origin. Her creations and dresses are worn by celebrities from the world of show business, sport and media.

YY.Fashion by Yuliya Babich black v-neck dress

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