Sunday, February 2, 2014


Fashion Bloggers: Stop Comparing Yourselves To Others

There is a lot of envy, shame, cattiness, etc, among style bloggers that I've never come to understand.

So many girls refuse to post photos of themselves online because they are ashamed of their appearance. Many starve themselves to look like the 'top fashion bloggers' who happen to be tall, thin, wealthy, and often with jobs as models. Others leave horrible comments, telling girls they "look fat", or worse. I've even heard of teeny-tiny girls ashamed of being too small! Or maybe you don't like your nose, or your chin, or whatever.

But here's something to consider- all of us have things we don't like about ourselves.

Who cares if you're not a model like Rumi, or you aren't wealthy like Jane? Stop comparing yourself to others!

You will never look exactly like someone else, and that's AWESOME!

Want to know a secret? I hate my nose, and my sensitive skin, and my belly, and my thighs, and the fact I have to shave twice as often as most women.. but I've learned to accept these things as part of ME, and I love me!

It's all about getting to know ourselves and learning to love who we are. Take care of yourself and be kind to your emotions. Stop dwelling on what you aren't, and shift your focus to your good assets! (You do have them, you know.)

And don't ever feel bad if/when someone leaves horrible comments on your blog. (Delete them without a second thought!) Understand that these people are trying to avoid their own insecurities by putting you down (that's their problem, not yours), and you want nothing to do with their kind anyway. You're better than that!

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