Friday, February 14, 2014


I Chopped More Hair Off!

I shaved my hair off today. Well, not all of it- just the back half of my mohawk. 

It was a necessary change. I've noticed a need to change up my hair when I undergo significant life stages, and by altering my appearance, it also helps me adapt subconsciously. Confidence in yourself is an important factor in making big things happen. As an artist, I tend to doubt myself and my work.. I have to make an effort to stay positive and focused. Cool hair helps.

That hair stuck to my phone is killing me, now that I've finally noticed it hanging there! #fail 

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  1. I know the feeling; twice I went from having longish (between 6 and 12 inches) hair to just taking a set of number three clippers to my head. I almost feel as though my head says "do something drastic", and this is a non-destructive way of doing it. Maybe there's a middle ground between a ton of hair and no hair, but I like the shock value element of just buzzing it :D


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