Saturday, March 8, 2014


Getting Personal: Why Do People Keep Asking Me About Money?

I don't know why people want to know so much about my personal finances- they've been asking me for YEARS about what I "really" do and where my money and assets come from.

A part of me wants to take it to heart, like I'm quietly being judged solely on occupation. But I do know that most who've asked about my finances were merely asking a question, no harm intended, and I surely haven't clarified how I've obtained certain things at various points in my life- I'm not a braggart, nor ashamed, and it really isn't anyone's business.

But still, the questions keep showing up in my email and Facebook inboxes... [[facepalm]]

To put matters simply:

I'm no trust fund baby, and I work damn hard for what I have.

I've been out of what people often remind me as "real work" for almost two months now due to health issues. And as shitty as it seemed at first, it's turning out to be maybe one of the better things that have happened to me in life lately. I have time to pick up more artistic and web-related odd jobs now, in addition to making music and blogging. I have time for ME again.

And as with most 'starving artists', I had to find a way to supplement my income while still doing what I love- writing. I've found fair success in affiliate marketing over the years. Now I'm writing reviews in exchange for payment (product, money, or both). It's amazing how easy (and at the same time, difficult) it is.

Nowadays, even my cell service provider, Boost Mobile, has an affiliate program and rewards my referrals (and myself) $25 upon signup! (And even if I didn't get any referrals, I'm only paying $35/mo anyway. That's hard to beat.)

The only things I absolutely had to buy in the last month were food and tampons. No joke. In addition to paid reviews, I was recently gifted a box full of Rimmel makeup products, free Colgate toothbrushes for a year (and some toothpaste), Neutrogena shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment... I could go on. I've found ways to exchange services for things I would otherwise have to buy, and have been compensated generously. [**I would not advise anyone to go this route unless they truly like writing, taking photos, responding to emails, etc. It IS work- I do it because I love it.]

Every day I'm learning more about the importance of working smarter, not harder. You can do anything you put your mind to, especially now that information and opportunities are more easily accessible. (And it always helps to have kind and influential friends in your life for support.)

I'm figuring it out day by day, which is the best way for me to live, I've found- no need to worry about what isn't, just focus on what is. I'm just like everyone else. I have my ups and downs, too.

That's life.

So no, I'm not "livin' large", and I certainly am not seeking shelter in a cardboard box. I am in a state of transition, and I do see many more wonderful things ahead in the near future. That's all I can really say about it right now. My financial situation is really NOT that interesting, and to those who think it matters- fuck you.


  1. I think that more an more people tend to want to have these "get rich quick" ideas in place. They probably see your blog and are like "I could write a blog, how much does she make?" It's a very oblivious and misguided mindset people fall into. First of all, blogging, making music, creating art, doing photography, etc. are not effortless, easy tasks, no matter what anyone says. Sure, people can produce something, but if it's shit, people won't care, and it won't make money no matter what. There are people who are GREAT at what they do and can't make much money doing it, so for anyone to think they can find a way around producing quality is kidding him/herself. At the end of the day, unless a person comes into money, there is no shortcut around working hard, and quite frankly, money earned as a product of hard work and dedication is worth more than any money that falls from the sky. Yeah, they both buy the same amount of groceries, but if one measures worth simply by how many things he/she can buy, perhaps that person needs to re-evaluate his/her outlook.

  2. Exactly. It takes time to hone your skills, develop your character, and your style, etc.. striking it rich doesn't happen overnight, no matter what you do. You must endure the journey to self realization (among other things) first... and really, that's what matters most.


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