Friday, March 7, 2014


Diary: Hurry Up Spring, Cabin Fever Sucks

I'm so glad it's March now, and spring should HOPEFULLY be here soon.. Cabin fever is a real thing, and I've got it BAD. I can't wait for the brutal cold to go away. (It's supposed to be warming up finally..)

Even if you're an extremely fair-skinned person, you need a certain amount of sunlight every day, and upstate NY has not allowed for that to happen much this winter.

I'm a pretty active person and need a way to expend all the excess energy I have (and stay in shape), and hiking, urban exploration, etc. are what I do. And of course, that's weather-pending.

I hate gyms with a passion. I can't stand the smells, or the sanitary issues, or the confinement, and no matter how hard I try, I can't be enthusiastic about walking ten miles and going nowhere. Hell no. I'll pass.

And there's my dilemma.

However, as with most situations I encounter in life, music is my coping mechanism. It keeps me sane. Definitely. But it's also another form of exercise for me- I've somehow turned playing guitar into a full body workout (LOL), as well as singing, which has been a habit of mine for years. I have a hard time standing still.

Yes, I'm THAT person who has to be doing something ALL THE TIME.

I can't wait to get out more again, and take in the sunshine and not-frigid air. And I REALLY can't wait for all the dirty, urine-stained city snow to melt... as well as the icy sidewalks (people don't shovel or throw rock salt down around here too often, apparently). This shit is depressing, and I'm so ready for something warmer.

Come on, sunshine!

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