Monday, April 14, 2014


Outfit: DIY Marilyn Manson Tank Top

What I'm wearing: 
tank top - Marilyn Manson + DIY | jeans - Dickies | sneakers - Sketchers 
sunglasses - Steve Madden | wrist cuff - Chuck-Chucks [Get 50% Off!] 

Phone is HTC One for Boost Mobile

I'm so happy to see warmer weather again (even if it isn't very sunny out today). I have a LOT more spring/summer clothing than I do for the colder months. 

I'm in the process of reorganizing my wardrobe, and I get so excited when I rediscover an older piece I've missed. This tank top is one of those pieces- I've had it for many years now, and altered it for a festival a few years back, with just a pair of scissors and shoelaces. 

I'm a regular MacGyver. LOL 


  1. your tattoos are awesome, Kourtney!! :D

  2. Thank you! Spent a lot of time in the chair. LOL


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