Sunday, April 6, 2014


Outfit + Easy T-Shirt DIY

What I'm wearing: 
hoodie - Royal Bones | t-shirt - The Chariot + DIY 
jeans - Dickies | sunglasses - Betsey Johnson 
flipflops - Teva | beanie - unknown | wrist cuff - unknown 

I've had this t-shirt for 6-8 years now, I think. When old band tees (I have a LOT of them) start getting ragged, I usually deconstruct them in a way that fixes the problem areas, or create something entirely new. 

The easiest and most used t-shirt mod I do is simply trimming the hems off

The details: 

I like to cut a wide neckline (but not too wide, you'll stretch it later) so the t-shirt hangs off one shoulder. Then I trim off the hems on the sleeves, and sometimes the bottom. Don't obsess over your cutting too much- it'll even out later. 

Then you'll want to stretch the material around the edges you just cut. 
Do it a few times so it rolls up a bit. Easy!  

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