Sunday, August 18, 2013


Sunday Outfit: Hiking

I got these awesome Tripp shorts a while back for $7 on eBay. They're made of a nice heavy denim (much too hot for today) and durable.

You don't have to be a label snob, nor spend a certain amount of money on your clothing to be fashionable, so toss that notion right out the window. Many of my favorite items in my closet have been obtained cheaply, some even free! (It does pay to have generous friends) Hit up online (or otherwise) rummage sales, eBay, clearance racks at your favorite stores, etc. Visit stores you normally wouldn't shop at. You may just find that one item you were looking for, and for much less than expected.

shirt - l.e.i.
shorts - Tripp
shoes - Etnies
sunglasses - Steve Madden

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