Friday, September 20, 2013


Honesty and Gifting

Expanding on my post from earlier today, Affiliate Offers - Honest Inquiries Only, I feel it is necessary for me to elaborate that when I am gifted an item, I will tell you exactly where it came from. I think it is dishonest to insinuate that I had paid for a designer brand item when it indeed has been given to me.

And I will admit- I'm spoiled. But I have worked very hard for many years to earn this kind of respect. And I didn't just jump into bed with [insert name here], I worked my fucking ass off. I used my intelligence and various talents to my advantage. I came up with a brand that is ME, and learned (and continue to learn new things) to market that brand.

When I wear something in my outfit posts, that is a DECISION I have made for myself, rather than 'selling out' to further my blog. Honesty is a very important personal attribute, I think. I would rather know the truth, whether or not it is what I really want to hear and, fully knowing that this is a representation of my personal brand, I will not lie and give false advertisement for something I'm not too keen on.

To any of you who may possibly be disappointed with this idea, I am sorry, but my personal brand means a lot to me. I would rather be known for who I truly am than for who I am not.

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