Monday, October 21, 2013


Fall 2013 Nail Color Inspiration - Leaves + New Monday Madness Linky

Here are my 5 favorite nail polishes for fall right now, inspired by the changing colors of the leaves. 

From left to right....
Maybelline Color Show in 420 Wine & Dined
Maybelline Color Show in 25 Mystic Green
Maybelline Color Show in 65 Dotty
Maybelline Color Show in 910 Orange Extreme (discontinued)
Sinful Colors in 1134 Black Magic

I really love the Color Show nail polishes because they're bold, last a long time, and seem to always have the best colors of all the drugstore brands. I prefer colors that make a statement, and this is the first nail polish display I will stop at upon entering Walgreens.

**Note for nail newbies:
Glitter, polka dot, tinsel, etc. nail polishes should be thought of as a glittery topcoat that is applied over another color. Also, have fun getting it off- total pain in the ass! Regardless, they are still fun and crazy and eye catching. I hate how they require more time and work, but they really make my look more exciting!

My two favorites of this bunch would have to be Mystic Green and Wine & Dined. They are both classy, versatile, and shimmery, but not obnoxious. They are great for both day and night, and can work with almost any outfit change.

What's inspiring you this season? How do you come up with style ideas?


Monday Madness Linky 

We all hate Mondays. It's the end of the weekend and many of us must return to work, praying for Friday to come soon... Let's make the most of it and share what is inspiring us at the moment! 
Positive thoughts! 

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