Sunday, October 13, 2013


Frugal Life: OMG Shoes!

Charlotte Russe black platform wedge braided strap sandalsToday I took a little time to check out the clearance sales at Charlotte Russe. After trying on a couple pairs of boots (they didn't fit my legs at all), and perusing the sale shelves, I saw this pair of high-as-fuck wedge sandals hidden behind some other shoes.

I immediately took them off the shelf, tried them on, and fell in love.

Then I checked the price tag- only $14.99!

It's hard to tell from the angle I took these photos with my phone, but this is a 6 inch wedge heel. (That means I'm 6'4" with these on! Scary, right?) They make me feel like a gorgeous runway model when I have them on, and I think $15 is a total steal for such a confidence booster. Every woman should have at least one pair of great shoes that makes her feel beautiful.

What I bought:
Charlotte Russe wedge heel sandals - $14.99
(originally $35.50)

Total after tax:

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