Thursday, October 24, 2013


Go Ho, Or No Go?

sluts on halloween
Can't help it, I LOL'ed
We all know it's not really Halloween night without sluts, but where do you stand on the matter? Do you find it fun to go out in a revealing costume and/or lingerie, or are you more conservative?

I am definitely the latter.

I'm all for going out and having fun and getting my drunk on, but when it comes down to it, I find it sexier to leave it to the imagination. I'll use my charm and wit before I resort to wearing a top that may expose a nipple. (I pride myself in my intelligence, that's what I'd rather be liked for..)

Don't get me wrong, I like boobies as much as anyone else, but I'd rather be in the background and enjoy from afar.
sluts on halloween

This year at the Zombie Ball, you can expect me to look similar to last- as my typical creepy stage persona. (Will post photos later!)

raivyn dk halloween sombie ball 2012 glitchz eric blieler agony hill
Zombie Ball 2012

I'm definitely going to forgo the powder, and the crazy mess that comes with it, this year though. 

I'm a bit nervous about the 6 inch wedge heels I'm going to be wearing though... It would probably be wise to bring an extra pair of shoes just in case. Never go without shoes in a bar/club/etc! Either be prepared for the worst, or suffer until you get home. Make a promise to your shoes and keep it. 

Are you hosting and/or going to any Halloween parties this year? What are you wearing? 

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