Sunday, November 10, 2013


Looking For Blogging BFFs!

Aside from Gary (The Art Of Oddity and my personal photographer), I am REALLY lacking blogging friends... I don't know many style/beauty bloggers at all!

(And honestly, I feel very, very alone in blogging...... While the fashion world embraces diversity more nowadays, there still aren't many true 'alternative' style/beauty bloggers out there.)

So I'm calling out to you, alternative girls (and guys!) with weblogs.... email me - say hi, introduce yourself, and let's join forces and work to change mainstream acceptance of diversity.

High fashion derives many of its trends from various subcultures. It is US who help determine what is 'in' - so let's work together and set the trends that 'they' will be wearing tomorrow!

Tattoos, leather, spikes, mohawks.... what are you in to?

email me

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