Monday, November 4, 2013


Monday Madness: Patrick Stewart Funnies And Inspiration To Get You Through The Tough Times + Linky

Live long and lobster.. LOL
Wow, last week was incredibly long and stressful... I've dealt with so much unnecessary, uncalled for BS that, in all honesty, had me crying half the week. And I'm a tough cookie.

I am beginning to understand that when you accomplish more great things, you will also face a lot more opposition from others who are jealous, insecure, don't want to face reality, etc... whatever the case may be.

As a leader, it is important to stick to a strong moral standard, do the best you can every single day, and do not question yourself when conflict is asserting itself in your face. If you are doing what is morally right, and what is best for the greater good, you are not wrong- stick to your guns. Do not let those who spread and believe lies make you question your own integrity. You are far better than that.

Conflict both tests and strengthens the quality of your character. Carry yourself with dignity, work hard, and learn all you can every single day. Live honestly and things will have a way of sorting themselves out. The truth becomes known eventually, and everyone gets what they had coming to them.

Best friends Sir Ian McKellan and Sir Patrick Stewart take time for fun and drinks

Dogs can teach us a lot about companionship and loyalty.
A strong, honest friendship is always an important thing to have, even if you are antisocial. We all need someone to talk to, share good times with, and help one another through our hardships. We feel stronger and more positive when we have the support of friends, family, etc... human, furry, or otherwise.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who will just go through the motions of what we may perceive to be friendship, and will turn their backs on you when they see fit. We are not always at fault when things like this happen. If we thought highly of the other person who had proven him/herself otherwise, this can be a very difficult thing to deal with. We had invested time and emotion in the other to not have it returned. We may feel used, and perhaps, a 'loser'. But the best thing we can do is assess the situation from all angles, logically, learn all we can from the experience, and handle it as gracefully as possible. This is something we can grow from, and will teach us to appreciate the true friendships we do have.

Sheer epicness in Times Square.

When everything is rubbish, there is still something
to smile about. It's all about perspective.
As a general rule of thumb, we want to surround ourselves with people we admire, people we can learn many things from, positive, successful people who will encourage us to create our own success, as well as celebrate our accomplishments.

Positivity and living with purpose are an integral part of becoming great. We need to have goals, and work hard to achieve them every day. Things get hard sometimes, but when we surround ourselves with positive people, we can learn to laugh despite the obstacles life throws at us. The things that seemed so difficult at first may not be as overwhelming as we thought. It's all about perspective, and we need to remember that.

"It is what you do from now on that will either move our civilization forward a few tiny steps, or else...begin to march us steadily backward."
- Patrick Stewart

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