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How To Cover Tattoos

Every day I see people with tattoos they want removed or covered up for various reasons (i.e. they hate the tattoo(s), need to cover them for work or can't get hired, etc.) and let's face it- laser removal does not make you look like you never had the tattoo in the first place, so be sure to do your research if you're considering such a thing.. and that wrecking balm people talk about doesn't work either. 

You can always cover a bad tattoo with another (better) tattoo, or MAKEUP. 

I chose to use Gary as my model for this cover-up project for a couple of reasons: 
1) He has tattoos on his face, the most noticeable, and taboo to some, of places to get tattooed. 
2) His facial tattoos are mostly in his beard area, which is a difficult place to do a flawless cover-up due to coarse hair (even freshly shaved). 

**Unfortunately the lighting varies in the before and after photos due to different times of the day.. 

BEFORE: Gary with tattoos
My biggest concern about this cover-up was getting that 100% coverage while looking as natural as possible. And my second biggest concern was I've never done this before!

As with covering anything, there are specific steps you need to take, like making sure to prime the skin, and when layering concealer, set with powder. As always, I also did a little improvising too...

Here's how I did it:

Step 1: Moisturize.
After washing your face, be sure to moisturize! Makeup never looks good on dry skin- you need a smooth, healthy canvas. I love YesTo Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer because it's natural, moisturizes very well, and also controls oil and breakouts.

Step 2: Prime.
This is another super important step that helps smooth your skin and keep your makeup in place longer. I use Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer to prepare the skin for heavy makeup.

Step 3: Foundation (optional).
This one is up to you, and really depends on where the tattoo(s) is/are, and how natural (or not!) the look you're going for is. I used Tarte Smooth Operator tinted moisturizer to allow Gary's natural glow (of his non-tattooed skin) to show through, and create a more natural, 'no-makeup' appearance. If it was my face, I would have used CoverGirl Outlast 3-in-1 foundation for a more smooth, very feminine, porcelain look. Most likely, those reading this do not have facial tattoos and do not require foundation.

Step 4: Conceal.
This is the step everyone thinks of in regards to tattoo cover, and many forget the rest... This is the big step that you need to get right, but is also pointless if you ignore everything else on this list. (The concealer is nothing without staying power.) You will want a nice, creamy, long lasting, full coverage concealer. On Gary, I used Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer. I also like Smashbox High Definition Concealer personally, and feel that could be a viable option. I dabbed it on with my fingers, and blended using the same motion. Some like to use a concealer brush, and that would be fine as well.

Step 5: Powder.
You will want to set the concealer with a dusting of powder. I used Sephora MicroSmooth Powder, as it is a staple in my makeup kit. But I tried a little of the Kat Von D Lock-It powder at Sephora the other day, and am very curious about what it can do. (Guess what I'm buying next shopping trip...) I am almost positive it will be a much better choice for tattoo cover.

Step 6: Repeat.
Repeat as necessary. If you have a lighter tattoo and it's covered to your liking, continue on. Otherwise, go back to Step 4.

Step 7: Powder again.
Yes, powder again. This time with a sponge, with a sort of dabbing technique. You want full coverage.

Step 8: Bronze and/or highlight.
Depending on how much space you have to cover, you will probably look dead, as Gary did once covered. I just dusted on Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 027 Sun Dance. Perfect! You may not have to do this.

Step 9: Set it.
Today I tried out the Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix I bought the other day. Not bad, but I still prefer Urban Decay De-Slick much more, and feel it will keep makeup in place much longer, and the mister nozzle is the best one I've used by far.

The outcome:

AFTER: Gary with no tattoos
Not bad for a first time tattoo cover with limited products, I think.

Gary was a little shocked seeing himself without tattoos for the first time in a long lime. I know I would be, too!

Do you have any tattoos you need to conceal? Have you tried, and what did you use?

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