Friday, January 24, 2014


Awesome Must-Have: Gary Lin Wool Puncho Sweater

I love the Gary Lin wool puncho sweater, and at only $49, it's a hot find!

Gary Lin 2013/14 AW Collection Spirit [Neutral Beauty]

'Urban women dare to challenge the tradition. We may be single yet we are not alone. We may be sentimental yet we are not vulnerable. We may cry sometimes, but the tears simply make us stronger. Hang in there, for we are about to reach our dream. I believe, as a brave woman, I can be both smart and beautiful. 

All the designs are made by the design Gary Lin. We love a simple but style fashion in our design in every season. 

Style: Regular Size (A-Line) Quality: 50% Wool 50% Acrylic 

Model (Height 176cm/5'8", Bust 32" Waist 25" Butt 35") Size M Length(Left) 40" Length(Right) 24" Neck Width 12"' 

Gary Lin Design wool puncho sweater

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