Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Outfit: Physical Fitness, Or Lack Thereof

Today Gary and I took the long way (a.k.a. the local fitness trail) to the grocery store... 

What I'm wearing: 
hoodie - Dr. Who | jeans - Dickies | beanie - unknown 
sunglasses - Betsey Johnson | flipflops - Teva 

Photos taken with: 
HTC One for Boost Mobile 
auto settings, no filters 

I don't mind hiking in flipflops, honestly, as long as they're comfortable. I like the free feeling. I've had my Teva Mush Adaptos for well over a year now, and had to have put at least 150 miles on them... No joke. They've held up incredibly well, and I really love them. 

Now that it's growing warmer again, I'm trying to get outside regularly and get back in shape. I'm not much of a runner, but I love to go out walking with friends. I especially like finding new things to climb on. It's the kid in me, I guess. There are some things you just never grow out of. 

I've mentioned it before- I have a lot of excess energy I need to burn off on a regular basis. I can't even begin to understand how people can sit around all the time. And really, why would you want to sit on your ass all the time anyway? There are so many awesome things you can be doing at any given moment. 

Stop being lazy, people. 
Go out and have some FUN!

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