Saturday, March 22, 2014


Review: Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer

Last month I received a free box full of Rimmel London makeup for being a top Influenster (contact me for an invite) in their #staymatte campaign. 

The day I received that package was the day I discovered my new favorite foundation primer - Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer

I was so excited to see this in the box, and immediately had to try it out. 

The appearance and consistency is similar to that of Elmer's Glue, which is a little off-putting, but I can't argue with the results. It really makes shit stick. Holy crap! 

I tend to have issues with sweating my makeup off quickly, and it's so hard for me to find stuff that stays put, let alone at a decent price... This stuff is $7 at Walgreens! I totally recommend this product to musicians, actors, and anyone else who has to deal with hot stage lighting.. or sweltering heat in general, or just anyone looking for a great primer. 

The Stay Matte primer looks fantastic under CC creams, heavy full coverage foundations, or even just powder. It's super-versatile. 

The only problem I can see with it is the fact that it's thick, and could be considered a little weighty by some (although it does say "ultra lightweight formula" on the package). If you can't stand anything that's not super-light feeling on your skin, you may not be a fan. 

Other than that, FANTASTIC. It was love at first use. I have every intention of buying it when I run out, which, won't be for a while actually- a little goes a long way. 

Have you tried the Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer yet? What do you think of it? 


  1. Hello ,I just follow your blog ! Would you mind following my blog back as well?

  2. Wow, great post. I haven't tried it yet but I might consider it now.



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