Thursday, May 1, 2014


Gratitude #3 + I Finally Got An Official Diagnosis

Yesterday I finally got an official diagnosis for fibromyalgia, and was put on Robaxin, and the next step is to call and schedule physical therapy. Today is my first day on this medication, and I'm desperately hoping it works. (I feel okay so far..) 

I'm so happy to have medical coverage now! :) 
Vitamin C serums | strong coffee | my phone bill is only $35 [Boost Mobile
Betsey Johnson sunglasses | Chuck-Chucks [Get 50% Off!] 
cherry blossoms | long walks | beautiful weather 
my huge nail polish collection (so many fun colors to choose from!) 
jewelry | excellent health (other than my FM
receiving so many wonderful beauty products in the mail 
my loving and artistic BF | ESP guitars 

Surround yourself with the people and things that inspire you, and let go of those that hold you back. <3 


  1. I am really glad to know that know you have the support you needed! :) (I made this comment in another post by accident, because of the picture of these cute shoes, which also is in the previous post :p )

    1. Thanks, it's really hard some days, but nothing I haven't dealt with before. Hoping to find some real relief soon. :)


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