Saturday, May 3, 2014


Nails: Sinful Colors 30 Courtney Orange + FM Update [This Is So BS]

sinful colors 30 courtney orange nail polish - finger tattoos - music, snake, black and white tattoos

What I'm wearing: 

Wow, what a week it's been! On Wednesday, I got an official diagnosis for what I knew I had all along- Fibromyalgia. I was prescribed Robaxin (methocarbomol 500mg), which, I think it's making my condition worse. Yesterday was terrible. The pain spread to places I'd never felt it in before, and my muscles wouldn't stop spasming. So I went to the ER that afternoon and was prescribed more pain pills until I can call the doctor Monday morning. I was also told to keep taking the Robaxin until then, which I am not at all happy about. 

But I'm doing as I was told, to make sure it is definitely the medication, and not just a bad flare-up. Today is generally the same so far, but at least I have something to help with the pain. 

It's not easy, and I do all I can to stay positive, like painting my nails fun colors and watching Flula. I also walk/hike a lot, which is confusing to those who don't understand my condition- the more I stretch and use my muscles, the less they hurt. This is great in the way that it encourages me to exercise, but I can't ever relax or get comfortable. Within minutes after I sit down, the muscles in my back start to tense, and it builds up to excruciating pain, and spreads to other parts of my body. Before I was put on meds that help me sleep, I was only sleeping once every 3 days or so, when I was finally too exhausted to do anything else. I did this for 6-7 years. 

I'm so happy to finally have medical coverage so I can get the help I need. I've been spending a lot of time at the hospital lately, but I'll do what I must to find a way to manage this better. There is no known cause, no cure, and it will never go away, but I can try different medications and hopefully soon find some sort of relief. 

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