Saturday, May 10, 2014


Outfit: I Climbed This Mountain + Found A Golden Sneaker

What I'm wearing: 
tank top - Corner Shop | grey cargo pants - unknown 
sneakers - Etnies | sunglasses - Steve Madden 

I woke up feeling almost back to normal today [though a bit dehydrated still], and ready to climb mountains. Literally. [Always gotta push it to the limit.. LOL] 

And so, Gary and I hiked all the way up to Tanglewood Nature Center, as well as the trails, and back down again. While exploring, we found a golden sneaker

We checked their website when we got back, and found: 

"Chemung County residents can get moving for a chance to win great prizes during the 10th annual Hunt for the Gold Shoes. Look for 300 gold-painted shoes hidden around local parks and walking trails. Enjoy your outdoor adventure with your family, and quest for a gold shoe with a lucky ticket inside! The Hunt for the Gold Shoes is sponsored by the Eat Well Play Hard Partnership, Tanglewood Nature Center and Museum, and its community sponsors."

Next Saturday we'll turn in the shoe and find out if we win! 

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  1. I am fully expecting Push It to the Limit on a forthcoming "Raivyn Covers the 80s Album" :D

    That's really awesome that you found that shoe without even knowing about the event. Maybe now you can go prospecting for more gold at nearby parks, haha.


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