Saturday, May 10, 2014


Outfit: Down By The River + A Speedy Recovery

What I'm wearing: 
black tank top - unknown | green shorts with spikes - Decree 
knee socks - Soxxy | sneakers - Etnies | sunglasses - Steve Madden 

I'm back on my feet again! Mostly. :) 

Yesterday was sweltering hot, and Gary and I walked down to the river [which is only 2 blocks from the apartment] in the afternoon to cool down. I took lots of photos with my phone [HTC One for Boost Mobile], and sat on a fallen tree and we watched the birds of prey circle and dive for food. [A few years ago the city constructed nesting areas to bring osprey back.] 

As we were leaving, I picked some young dandelion leaves, which I used to brew tea when I got home. [11 Health Benefits of Dandelion and Dandelion Root

Overnight my kidney pain has gone from intolerable to slight discomfort on the right side, which, I am so relieved! [FYI, I almost died 5 years ago of dehydration due to a kidney infection.] Kidney pain is no joke, and not something to be taken lightly. I knew it was due to taking so many different medications this past week, and I had been severely dehydrated for a couple of days, and hadn't been able to eat much for 3 days, so I waited and tried alternative remedies before going to the ER again. I just wanted a couple days away from the hospital! LOL 

The speed-cure: 
1) Cranberry juice [on ice if you find it too tart]. 
2) Apple cider vinegar diluted in water. As much as you can stomach, all day. 
3) Turmeric. Use it in food and/or take it in capsule form [with food]. 
4) Get up and walk a little if you can. Get your blood pumping. 
5) Get plenty of rest as well. You'll be exhausted, and need to heal. 

I can't ever do nothing, so I kept fairly busy during this time. I finally watched Imaginaerum, which is fantastic, BTW. Later, something clicked- I suddenly had huge waves of lyrics rushing into my head, and had to get them out on paper [my notebook]. And of course, spent several hours with my keyboard in front of me. [There is something so incredibly inspiring about Tuomas Holopainen, he makes me realize the driving force behind why I write.] So my 'down time' wasn't really 'down time', and I wasn't going out of my mind

I also want to thank Anth [again] for the gift and reassurance, which, I was once again reminded why I do what I do, at a time when I need[ed] it most

I also must say, we had a basic cheese pizza last night for dinner, and it was the best thing ever. That was the first I could eat more than a few bites on occasion in 3 fucking days, and it was AWESOME

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