Sunday, June 8, 2014


Outfit: Black Bikini + Camo Shorts

black Old Navy bikini and Boa shorts - goth industrial rocker summer style - tattoos inked girls

What I'm wearing: 
bikini - Old Navy | camo shorts - Boa 
sneakers - Etnies | sunglasses - Steve Madden 

Yesterday Gary and I went hiking and cooked out- veggie burgers, potatoes and green beans. So good! 

I encountered problems on the way back- I started getting tired and showing signs of heat stroke. But I pushed on despite badly wanting to lie down and sleep in every shady area I saw. I was delirious and couldn't see or walk straight, but I pushed on for the 1 1/2 hour hike back. Fortunately, we saw a lawn sprinkler right when I was at the point of passing out, and I stood in it for a minute, cooling down in the super-cold water. That was enough to help me get home so I could put a cool rag on my forehead and sleep it off. 

I felt great after a nap and made sure to keep myself hydrated. That's the problem with us Germanic/Scandinavian blooded people- we're very sensitive to sun and heat! 

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