Monday, June 16, 2014


Black Sequins, Black Soul

What I'm wearing: 
top - Love Rocks | jeans - Lovesick | shoes - Charlotte Russe 
bracelet - Chuck-Chucks [Get 50% Off!] | necklace - Claire's 

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Today's shoot was a very quick one. A security guy asked me to get off the fire escape. LOL

And unfortunately, I felt a need to get involved in internet douchebaggery, which, I usually don't condone that shit. But this was different. And I'll tell you why:
- names changed to [[girl]] and [[dude]] - 

[[girl]] has been messaging me for more than half a year, always when I was online [invisible], and I ignored it. About a month ago, I gave in, after reading through [[girl]]'s profile a million and one times, to humor her, and see if she was an actual person. After all, most fake profiles don't last 6 months. She responded and after initial greeting, said she liked my photos and my tattoos are awesome, and then she told me I was sexy and said she wanted to see photos of more of my tattoos [ahem]. Exit stage left.

Fast forward to now [several more ignored messages later].. I received another couple of messages, and I started bitching about it to my Trusty Accomplice, and we pulled up [[girl]]'s profile to find a Skype username xxxxxguyxxxx, AND although she was supposedly west coast, all 48 'friends' were in the small area where I [used to] live, east coast. Weird, right?

So my Trusty Accomplice looked xxxxxguyxxxx up on Skype to find that it belonged to [[dude]], who lives in that teeny tiny area where we 48 girls do, or used to, reside. The ones that weren't my 'friends' had several other local 'friends' in common with me. I'm no idiot, and in 'talking' with [[girl]], I knew 'she' was not automated. This was a real person with horrible, illiterate typing, much like what was on [[dude]]'s profile. I responded to [[girl]] about it, and the messages stopped.

Concerned about the exploitation of [dumb] girls, I had to make it public on Facebook, unfortunately, because that's where it was happening. 6 11 girls I know came forward about it, and a guy [[dude]] works with said he knows knows a girl who experienced the very same thing. One girl admitted to feeling watched. And, as small town folk do, family members commented and tried to protect [[dude]], but had no real argument. The sister even threatened to get the police involved. [cough*bullshit]

Once confronted, [[dude]] either deleted his profile, or Facebook had great timing and deleted it for him. The fake profile still remains, and I haven't received any more messages.

And so.. no, I don't condone getting involved in internet bullshit, but sometimes that little exception to the rule comes along, and you have to do what you feel is right. Facebook cannot possibly moderate all that goes on- it's the community that needs to keep itself safe.

- [new tag - drama] - I don't intend to abuse this. -

Black Sequins!
7-11 coffee - medium Brazilian with 2 sugars
a big can of whoop-ass!

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