Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Frugal Life: Sweater Shopping!

Yesterday, now that Monday is my day off work, I went shopping at the local mall for warm clothing so I don't have to worry about being cold this winter...

Do you know how hard it is right now to find decent sweaters?? I only came home with two!

Here they are, the two I bought... (Pardon the filthy dressing room mirror...I don't think the people at Burlington cleaned it in a while.)

These crosses don't make me look religious, right? ~ t/o sweaters
Gotta love a nice deep V neck. ~ Sweater by Poof.

I also thought this midriff baring sweater was pretty cool, but not exactly meant for super cold weather, nor do I have the proper underpinnings for it.. But I love the 90s look! I can see myself wearing it with olive cargo pants and combat boots. I kind of regret not getting it, but not enough to go back and find it again. 

I have a vision of 90's industrial rock in my head..

I also picked up a couple of $5 scarves (originally $12.99) at Charlotte Russe. This is one of them.

I immediately fell in love with this scarf- it's huge and warm like a blanket. ~ Charlotte Russe

Other items include a Bazinga! tshirt I got for $10 (originally $20), and later, a Red Baron cheese pizza for $3.34 (originally $6.39, thats 47% savings).

I love bargain hunting, and always feel very accomplished when I find a bunch of stuff I like.

Have you gone shopping lately? What did you buy?

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