Sunday, December 22, 2013


Outfit: I'm Dreaming Of A Green Christmas

What a beautiful weekend!

Only three days until Christmas and it's 62 degrees in upstate NY. However overcast and rainy, it's been wonderful!

Gary and I went walking today to an old cement foundation, as I hadn't seen it yet and he thought it would be a good place to take photos. He was right.

What I'm wearing:
hoodie - Teenage Runaway
pants - Old Navy
shoes - Sketchers

I like how the bones on my hoodie glow green in the dark - so fun! (But also a dead giveaway if you don't want to be seen. LOL)

It felt so good to not have to wear a bajillion layers of clothes to stay warm these past few days. Frrreeeeeee! I wasn't weighed down and out of breath like I've been feeling the past couple of months. It feels absolutely amazing, and I can't wait for the warmer months to come.

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