Thursday, March 27, 2014


I Love Betsey Johnson Sunglasses!

I found these Betsey Johnson sunglasses a while back, at Burlington Coat Factory, for just $10 (originally $40). I love them! They're so fun to wear! 

I'm not that girl who wears pink or yellow, or anything other than black, on a regular basis, and these aren't like anything I have in my closet. But they go great with EVERYTHING

I think they're extra-special because, since I have a round face, I generally look terrible in rounded glasses. These are different, and I'm not sure why exactly, but they look good and I love them. I can't help but smile when I put them on. 

Betsey Johnson sunglasses
[Outfit: Physical Fitness, Or Lack Thereof

I tried on several pairs of Betsey Johnson sunglasses in the store before settling on these, actually. They were all great, and it was difficult to choose, but I decided on these for the fact that they were so different from the other sunglasses in my collection. I've never owned anything like these. 

It's important to branch out and try something new every now and then. You don't always know what you like until you try it. And it's always good to keep things fresh and interesting. 

Betsey Johnson sunglasses
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I really appreciate a great pair of shades. They can be fun, serious, whatever! They add a little extra flair to every outfit, and while you're wearing them, the one thing people look at most when talking to you. Eyewear really is a big part of your look, so have fun and experiment!

What do you like to mask your eyes with? 

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