Friday, April 18, 2014


A Lesson In Wearing High Heels

What I'm wearing:
top - Charlotte Russe | - jeans - Lovesick | boots - Mossimo
beanie - unknown | necklace - Claire's | jacket - Miss London

photo taken with HTC One for Boost Mobile

I love these boots. I found them on a clearance rack at Target a few years ago for $10. 

But today, I hate them. My own fault. LOL I walked entirely too far in them, without having really worn high heels for an extended time since Halloween. Bad idea to brave them for maybe a total of 2 miles today! That's something you have to work up to. My ankles were shot by the time I got home. Holy shit. 

My poor little (big) feet are blistered on the bottom, which was horrible when I ran to catch a bus at one point in the day. But I think the main reason behind all the issues (other than lack of 'practice' lately) is the need for inserts beneath the balls of my feet. Other than that, they're wonderful. 

Learn from my mistakes: 

Walking in high heels is something that is built up over time- you can't just throw on a pair of 5 inch heels and expect to walk in them right away. You have to build up the muscles in your feet and ankles especially, as well as your legs and butt. (Yup, that's right- walking in heels give you a great butt.) These things take time and practice, and before you know it, you'll be wearing them all day.

Inserts, inserts, inserts! I have a formula for this:
[hight of heels] x [time x distance] = [importance of custom orthotics]
Your feet are extremely important. Not having the proper support can do much more than give you blisters- it can affect your hips, back, neck, etc. So use inserts in the shoes that need them, no excuses!

If your feet are a little sore now, just wait til later... Always take note of how your shoes feel before you leave the house. Don't wait until the last second to put on a pair of shoes that you're unsure of. Wear them a little while first, so you get the feel of them early, and this gives you time to change if need be. 

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