Thursday, April 17, 2014


Gratitude #1

All too often we overlook the many wonderful things in our lives.. That's the human 'condition'- we can have 9 good things happen to us, and 1 bad, and more likely than not, we'll remember that one bad thing and let it ruin our day. We get so preoccupied with our fears and insecurities. But it shouldn't have to be this way!  

To combat this, I journal every week about the many things I'm grateful for, as well as the things that are inspiring me right now. And it just occurred to me- why don't I do it publicly? 

I invite you to join me.. ;) 


Ten - Pearl Jam | black glitter | rose rings | flipflops | mint lip balm 
Vitamin C serums (my new addiction) | Urban Decay De-Slick | good friends 
matte nails | cold beer on a hot day | veggie burgers and other meat alternatives 
perfume sampling | t-shirt DIY | Dickies skinny jeans (they last forever!) 
flowers are starting to bloom now | soup and grilled cheese sandwiches 
getting surprises in the mail! :) | $35/mo unlimited phone bill (Boost Mobile
playing in the rain | experimental haircuts | Google Talk 
complimenting people I don't know and watching them smile 
fresh fruit | neon eyeliner | Deadbeat | daily vitamins (health is important!) 

I'd also like to extend extra gratitude to all the brands and artists I've worked with recently, and I'm looking forward to those of the future as well.

Love yourself. You're the only 'you' you've got. <3 

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  1. This is great stuff. I have tried doing something along the same lines. I try to take negative thoughts and turn them into positive thoughts, like I did over the past weekend:

    - Sunday, woke up sick after lack of sleep and working myself hard while moving (and touching all sorts of germy things, I'm sure)
    + At least I didn't get sick before/during moving
    + The work paid off, as I got everything moved on Saturday
    + I'm sick, but it's just an upper respiratory infection, nothing too bad

    - I couldn't get a ride back from dropping off my moving truck off and had to walk 3+ miles in the 90 degree heat back home
    + Exercise is good
    + Part of the walk was shaded
    + There was a grocery store halfway through the trip that I got a drink at
    + I was just complaining I don't get enough sun with all the hours I spend in the office, so I got some for a change

    As always, you're a breath of fresh air. One day I hope to thank you in person for being awesome :)


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