Thursday, June 5, 2014


Gratitude #7

It's been another crazy, eventful week. From hiking to gardening, I've been keeping busy. 

But today, I just want to relax. I called in "sick" to my physical therapy session today, because I can't bring myself around to get up and go. Not that it's a huge task, but it's a lot for me to deal with right now. I'm worn out. Utterly exhausted. I need a break. 

That's the thing about FM- you never know what you're going to feel at any given moment. You can feel great, then 5 minutes later you can be on the floor in agony, then falling asleep while talking 5 minutes after that. It takes a lot out of you, and you have to learn how to conserve your energy for the important things in life. It's not easy. 

Fortunately, I get a lot of help from Gary, and other friends, and that means the world to me. 

my friends/family/readers/fans all over the world 
lots of FM support on Twitter
outdoor exercise 
matte black nails 
paranormal investigation 
jewelry making 
clothing DIY 
fuzzy blankets 
cuddling with furry friends 
organic coffee 

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