Tuesday, December 31, 2013


2013 In Review

2013... What a year it's been!

I've come a long way with this blog. Looking back, I've started with next to nothing- a Blogger subdomain and a vague idea of what I wanted to do here.

Since the start of this year, I've grown way beyond mere cell phone photos and descriptions of what I'm wearing. I'm really writing now. I'm writing about the things I feel are important. And I'm sharing my life with you- I went to the Easyriders Rodeo in Chillicothe, OH and had my photo taken by Thunder Roads Ohio and many others. I showed you a video of my paranormal experience at an abandoned sanatorium. I shared the miracle makeup products I wore to the Zombie Ball, a Halloween party put on by the tattoo shop I work at. I love showing off my new tattoos. And a ton of other stuff!

photo by Tom Storm
Not too long after I started writing product reviews, I began receiving items in exchange for reviews and photos. I've tried all sorts of cool products I otherwise may not have known about or tried. And over time, I hope to build up a good source of info, photos, and inspiration for anyone who may be looking for it. I am both surprised and grateful to receive so many opportunities so soon.

I find that writing keeps me sane. Keeps my head in check. I'm in the midst of seasonal depression (again!) and find this blog is helping me to stay inspired and motivated. We all get in our ruts, but what matters is what we do about it. Every day (well, almost) I strive to do better than the day before. It doesn't always happen, but I do always recover and become a little stronger because of it.

This blog isn't about vanity. It's about documenting my ideas and appearance over time. It's both a reality check and inspirational (public! eeek!) journal to me. This is.. now that I really think about it... probably the most in-depth view of my life a stranger can possibly get.

Who knew people would want to see what I do and wear ? I didn't. I had no idea I was that interesting. I view myself as somewhat boring, actually, with a strange sense of humor. But if  blogging about my life helps people in some way, or makes them happy, then I'm happy to do it. Pleased to be of service.

I'm not sure where 2014 is going to take me, but I look forward to it...

I see many good times and plenty of adventures ahead. I hope to both accomplish and learn many new things. I can't wait to meet lots of wonderful new people, as well as strengthen the relationships I already have.

2013 has treated me well, and now I'm ready for more...

See you next year!

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